No more of those daily struggles for space, every morning and evening. Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief. There is smart San Diego ADU contractor like Done Right Remodeling & Design that provide a bespoke solution to your ‘home addition’ needs via an ADU construction. Here in San Diego, large families are finding ways to get rid of their dwelling space constraints by having a separate residential unit built within the courtyard of their property. It can be an attached, semi-detached or a fully detached unit with all the necessary fittings, furniture and accessories. In this way, the requirement for additional living space within a house or property is fulfilled.

Today, a lot of new remodeling contractors have come into the fray. But, you need to pick one from the lot that has got huge experience in extensive home remodeling and renovation in the San Diego Area. This can help ease out your problem of recreational and functional space within the compound of your house.

Existing Homeowners are Hiring Expert Renovators

In this region around the San Diegoarea, properties usually have excess vacant lying spaces within their boundary. They lie neglected, unused and underutilized for years. But, when the need arises, homeowners understand their importance. It is at this juncture, the services of expert San Diego ADU contractors are required, as they carve out new dwelling units, and add extra space to a home. Simply, by remodeling, renovating, altering and redesigning a neglected structure like a garage or a basement parking area. Loft conversion is also one of the techniques of gaining new living space within a property. And, with the ‘relaxed’ California ADU guidelines in-place, constructing two separate ADUs at a single property is a reality. One can be a regular accessory dwelling unit, and the other, a Junior ADU. You can now think of constructing a Granny Flat of up to 1050 sq. ft. Previously, there were a lot of restrictions regarding space in ADU construction activities.

It is a new year. So, why not plan and remodel your ADU in San Diego now. There cannot be any better time than this. When the prices of materials and services have dropped, it’s time to think about a Granny Flat construction, and get access to some additional living space. This is done by remodeling an old structure, and converting it into a spacious living room. Anything below 750 sq. ft. doesn’t invite any sort of ‘impact fee’. And, if you want more space, you’re always welcome to do so by paying that said charge. The highly professional San Diego ADU contractor can also guide you through the design of one such detached apartment or unit, where you can house your parents. You can have your choice regarding ceiling height if your ADU is 800 sq. ft or more. The maximum limit is set at 16 feet, which is enough. Therefore, go ahead with your plans of an accessory dwelling unit construction, and live life ‘king-size’ without having to bother about your growing family, and their space related needs.

Why not look for the services of a highly specialized San Diego ADU contractor that can help build an accessory dwelling unit, exactly in a way you want it to be. Few ADU contractors in San Diego have the expertise in designing and constructing a detached unit from the house. A unit with all the requisite space, height, ventilation, fittings & accessories. You too can gain extensively by having a new ADU built for your growing family.